Advocacy for proportional employment presentation

LENS has started to implement the Project “Advocacy for proportional employment presentation”. This project financed by UNMIK, aims to specifically tackle the issue of their employment in local administrations and in providing the municipalities with a model which can continuously be used and adjusted to different settings, with the purpose of increasing non-majority communities’ participation in public life. This program will be complementary to the strategy for inclusion of non-majority communities, in view of the need for these communities and the incapability of municipalities to achieve the desired state of proportional representation.

The program will result in a model for promotion of application process, guidance in filling out the application forms, in-job training, transparency in the process, and creation of strategies to increase opportunities for proportional employment.

An online recourse center will be created, which will help non-majority communities to be informed about application process for jobs in the local administration, as it will enable municipalities to manage and publish job opportunities of local institutions.

An awareness campaign will be implemented aimed to encourage the targeted audience to know more for the importance to be engagement in public life.

Project duration: 6 months (November 2018 – May 2019)

Expected project outcomes:

  • Identified challenges in achieving proportional representation of non-majority communities in the local administration and proposed models on how to address them;
  • Enhanced capacities of municipality officials regarding proportional inclusion of communities’ in local administration;
  • Informed community about their rights in proportional representation and the importance of their participation in public life.