Advocating employment policies for youth at risk of marginalization

Lens is currently in the second year of implementation of a project advocating social innovation under employment policies that guarantees security for youth at risks of marginalization.

Project is supported by the European Commission’s Civil Society Facility Operating Grants and aims for a strong and inclusive civil society of Western Balkan and Turkey, capable to apply EU standards of participatory democracy and to cooperate with Government on equal partnership basis in tailoring the public policies that guarantees socio-economic security, inclusion and participation of youth in society.

During the first year, Lens and partner organizations have enhanced regional cooperation, representativeness and political participation for advocating effective reforms in employment policies, which articulate the interests of youth groups at risk of marginalization, in accordance with their socio – economic background and living place. This project is a partnership among seven organizations from the region and is coordinated by ADP ZID from Montenegro, whereas it is being implemented simultaneously in Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Turkey.