APPLY – Become a member of I2 Space

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I2 space is socially innovative space, with an online extension, where people share their interests in
technology, have meetings and work on their projects and learning from each other. Such spaces will be
established in Peja and dynamic Hackerspace community will be created in the cross-border area, which
will foster the exchange of ideas, knowledge and skills between young people.

This call opens a door of unique opportunity to be part of I2Space community, where youngsters (from Peja, Istog and Decan) just like you, with an interest in developing of prototypes and startups can gather to work on solutions while sharing ideas, equipment, and knowledge.

I2Space what is it?

  • Space for the development of ideas and innovations;
  • Community where you will find support;
  • Community in which you will find the fastest path – from idea to realization;
  • Community in which additional skills and contacts are developed;
  • Environment for developing prototypes and start-ups, but also a place where failure does not

Being a member…

  • Equipped space for use;
  • Mentoring support in prototype and start up ideas development;
  • Training program for supportive skills in business;
  • Online courses as continued support for the training program;
  • Participation in networking events and themed meet-ups organized by I2Space.

Being a guest…

  • Opportunity to test and improve your knowledge (in coding, digital marketing, photography,
    graphic design, 3D printing, electronics …) in a practical way;
  • On-demand advisory and logistical support;
  • Opportunity to connect with people from different fields in the direction of developing a
    common business idea
  • Usage of equipment and materials and their use in the service of idea development;
  • Support the development of cooperation with third parties.

For who is I2Space for?

  • For you, if you are young, have an idea you want to develop, whether you are a high school
    student, a student or something – maybe this is the story for you.
  • If you are sometimes lethargic about the challenges ahead and looking for a place to reach your
    potential, I2Space opens the door;
  • In order to join i2 SPACE, you must be from Peja, Istog or Deçan;
  • You must be 18 to 30 years and you need apply on this call for participants;
  • Applicants will be invited to participate in the training and selection process to become a member;
  • Membership, training, use of spaces and equipments in i2 SPACE are free of charge.




i2 Space will be established within the project Self-employment and Social Entrepreneurship for Youth. This project is implemented by Association for Democratic Prosperity – Zid, Association for Technology – Lens, Liberal Democrat Centre and Creative Skills’ Center and supported through Cross-border cooperation programme Montenegro – Kosovo* 2014 -2020, financed by the European Union.

This project is funded by the IPA II Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Montenegro – Kosovo 2014-
2020 of the European Union. This article was created with the financial support of the European Union.
Its contents are the sole responsibility of LENS and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European