Defending human rights in the digital age

Lens and its partner organization KCIC, have started the implementation of “Defending human rights in the digital age” project supported by the European Union.


The aim of the project is to address violations of human rights, freedoms and democracy that have appeared or worsened in the time of technological development. The project is related mainly to the protection of personal data, privacy rights, freedom of expression and freedom of media.


One of the main activities of this project will be increasing the capacities of civil society organizations and strengthening their role in promoting human rights and democratic reform in Kosovo through mentoring by international experts. It will also carry out other advocacy activities that have to do with raising awareness of public institutions and users against violation of privacy rights and freedoms encountered in electronic communications.


The project will also provide a better picture of the situation through research that will be carried out in the legislative field and will identify the problems faced by public institutions in Kosovo. Among other things, an informal network of civil society organizations will be established which, together with other participating organizations, will discuss the important topics of protection of human rights in the field of electronic communications in Kosovo.


An awareness campaign on the issues affected by the project will take place mainly on the Internet and social networks. All resources developed specifically for the project and those identified as important will be published on the website