Divided Past – Joint Future National Campaigns

  1. The campaign „Embracing Damage“ is implemented in several steps, and the first step of the campaign has brought together 25 young people from Tuzla through educational and field activities on the process of reconciliation and youthactivism in the sphere of peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At the end of the two-day workshops there were field activities that were reflected through realization of “Flash Mob” on the streets of Tuzla placing transparent on Korzo and the Blue Bridge.


  1. Second part of this campaign was on Saturday, March 17. Participants of the peacebuilding workshop in Bosnia and Herzegovina had the opportunity to participate in the burial of the time capsule.

Each of the participants wrote their peace message in the time capsule. The project planned to gather participants again in five years and to dig out the time capsule.

Most read daily news paper in Bosnia and Herzegovina wrote about that.


  1. Presentation of the study: “The Process of reconciliation in the Western Balkans and in Turkey: Quality study”, Kosovo.

This quality study was held in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania and turkey under the Divided Past- Joint Future project. The project made together 18 civil society organisations in the region, including the lance organisation from Kosovo, which is the carrier of implementation in Kosovo.


  1. The second meeting to discuss a study presentation: “Process of Reconciliation in Western Balkans and Turkey: A Qualitative Study”, Kosovo.


5. The National Workshop for generating social and innovative ideas developed ideas to solve current problems through business or project ideas that parallel contribute to the processes of building peace and reconciliation in Bitola, Macedonia.



  1. In the frame of Diveded Past-Joint Future project in Pristina (Kosovo) we hled workshop for 14 national facilitators with the aim to explore innovative approach in peacebulding in the WB and Turkey.

Project Divided Past – Joint Future is financed by the European Union.

For more information www.jointfuture.org