Invitation for expression of interest: Video and photography company

Terms of Reference 

For: Production of short videos and high resolution photographs for “International Volunteer Day” part of the “Volunteering for Youth and Private Sector Capacity Building” supported by UNICEF Kosovo Programme.

  1.     Background 

 LENS is a nongovernmental organization located in Prishtina, Kosovo that aims to contribute to the development of democracy and increase the quality of life through promotion of modern technology, innovation and better access to information.“Volunteering for Youth and Private Sector Capacity Building” supported by the UNICEF Kosovo Programme, is a project that aims to strengthen and further cultivate volunteerism among young people as an approach to increasing youth participation towards modern demands. This project brings together all stakeholders and serves as a bridge between young people and entities that provide opportunities for them.

One of the main activities of the project is the event that marks the “International Volunteer Day” and brings together up to three hundred (300) young people all over Kosovo to raise awareness on the importance of volunteerism.

  1.     Objective of the service 

The overall objective of this service is to produce media material; short videos of beneficiaries and stakeholders that promote the benefits of being a volunteer and high resolution photographs that can be used in various communication platforms before and after the event.

  1.     Methodology

The selected company will be performing the following indicative tasks:

  • Develop the video concepts and scenarios in collaboration with LENS team
  • Cover the event fully; preparation phases, the event and aftermath (photography)
  • Create short videos as agreed with the LENS team
  • Perform appropriate short interviews with the projects’ donors, beneficiaries and Stakeholders
  • Take high quality footage and pictures before, during and after the event.
  • Edit the video within the agreed timeline
  • Comply with donors visibility requests
  1.     Expected outputs 
  • Video shooting and editing;
  • Full usage rights for music (or music for which copyright has been granted);
  • Up to five (5) fully-produced clips of approximately 60 to 120 seconds in length in 1080p (HD) resolution, aimed at sharing with national and international audience including government institutions, CSOs, local stakeholders, local communities as well as an international audience.
  1.   Capacities Required

The following are the key minimum capabilities required for the proper execution of the above scope of work:

  • Has the necessary qualified human and technical resources capable of completing the assignment within the given time limit with high professionalism.
  • Capacities to develop high quality video material, including bird perspective (drone).
  • Creativity to conduct the assigments.
  • Provide transportation for filming team and equipment to various locations within Kosovo.
  1.     Timing and Location

The service agreement will start from the 20th of Novemeber to 19th of December, 2019

Timing: November, 2019

  1.     Eligibility 
  • Extensive and proven experience in production and editing of high quality videos.
  • Excellent technical capacities.
  • Experience working with non-governmental organizations and international agencies.
  • Able to work under time pressure.
  1.     Payment 

Payments will be made in two instalments:

  • 30% after delivery of work plan, shooting schedule and scripts;
  • 70% after delivery and approval of the material.
  1.     Applications

Interested applicants must submit their portofolio and the offer for the required services no later than the 18th of November, 2019 via email at