The www.kallxo.com online platform is a joint venture of Internews Kosova, Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, NGO LENS and Kosovar Anti-Corruption Agency, that was financially supported by United Nations Development Program UNDP.

Through this project a web-based platform for corruption reporting was established – where Kosovo citizens will be able to: report corruptive affairs, get information on current issues related to corruption as well as information about the anticorruption institutions in Kosovo. It was also set to enable interactive communication to be able to interactively communicate with each other and express their views on different issues related to organized crime, corruption, conflict of interest, misuse of public office as well as public institutions endeavours on the fight against corruption and their institutional activities. Such communication was to be channeled through the trilingual web platform, as well as social media tools like Facebook and Twitter.

The web based platform has increased the awareness of Kosovo’s corruption problem and mobilized the public to report such affairs as well as increased the political will to fight corruption. It has also encouraged citizens, as well as international and local organizations, to take this issue seriously and tackle this phenomenon.