Kosovo Basic eParticipation Platform

The KBeP (Kosovo Basic eParticipation Platform project) is a result of a joint initiative of two organizations; the first technology-oriented civil society organization in Kosovo, NGO Lens and think tank and advocacy center INDEP (Institute for Development Policy).


The main idea behind the KBeP project is to utilize the internet for this purpose, through developing a web-based platform to facilitate the dialogue and participation of civil society in policy-making. The project/platform has three main components: The Capacity Building component which aims at increasing the capabilities of individual CSOs to both use modern technology and internet, as well as improve its engagement in policy-making processes. This is done among other things, by learning how to establish proper communication with the relevant institutions and how to best reach and represent its targeted or existing constituents. The five training sessions are on the web, in the part of the platform intended for publishing the video-tutorials and communication between the trainees and selected trainers/mentors. This is an interactive process; coaching and advising on the topics the interested organizations. The second and central component is the Registration Module that serves as a database for all CSOs interested to participate in the dialogue on policy-making with key stakeholders, mainly the government but other institutions, organizations and donors as well. This module presents a valuable resource for potential constituents, citizens interested to channel their concerns about certain policies through an organization they can choose based on the presentation. The third component is the Consultation Module where the actual dialogue between relevant government bodies and the civil society will take place throughout the policy making process. Ministries and other government agencies can open consultations on any policy and present any new legislation or amendments to current legislation. The government bodies, such as ministerial and governmental working group for particular legislation, can ask for inputs and/or comments from civil society at any point during the policy-making process. The Platform enables these bodies to select, in a transparent way, the CSOs that they want to include in the process, based on the relevant experience they might have for the particular policy. The platform is located at www.e-konsulta.net