Call for expression of interest – Advocacy Campaign for the project “WEB4YES”


Terms of Reference


For: Production of detailed advocacy plan regarding youth employment and entrepreneurship for the Project WeB4YES (Western Balkan Civil Society Organisations for Youth Employment Support) which is supported under the framework of the Civil Society Facility and Media Programme 2016 – 2017 Consolidating Regional Thematic Networks of Civil Society Organisations by the European Commission.

  1. Background

 LENS as a national partner in implementing the Western Balkan Civil Society Organisations for Youth Employment Support. Web4yes is a regional project which is consisted of 7 regional Civil Society Organizations as consortium partners. Belgrade Open School (BOS) from Serbia as leading applicant and co-applicants: Association for Democratic Prosperity ZID from Montenegro, Beyond Barriers Association from Albania, National Youth Council of FYR of Macedonia, NGO LENS from Kosovo, Institute for Youth Development KULT Sarajevo from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Olof Palme International Centre from Sweden.

This project represents a regional initiative designed to provide innovative inter-sectoral approaches and to provide the unemployed youth of the Western Balkans region with the opportunity to increase their employment skills and to be employed. The project is designed to address the existing challenges of inadequate cooperation between civil society actors and public authorities in the Western Balkans in policy processes and decision-making towards reforms related to youth unemployment.

The project aims to empower civil society actors to make a significant contribution to addressing many employment and entrepreneurship issues through their advocacy and oversight activities at national, regional and local levels, and paying more attention to the needs of citizen’s young people in decision-making policies.

  1. The objective of the service

The activity will tackle the low level of participation of CSOs in policy processes regarding the planning, implementation, and monitoring of policies addressing youth unemployment. Selected company/individual for designing national advocacy campaigns, will analyze in detail the different roles that important actors play in their advocacy campaign. They will also develop a key planning tool, namely the Advocacy Planning Framework (APF).

The plan of the subsequent Advocacy campaign will be feasible and policy-relevant, designed to bring concrete policy interventions in the field of youth employment and entrepreneurship. The results expected to be achieved through advocacy campaign in Kosovo will target a concrete policy intervention(s) from the range of various policy interventions such as, but not necessarily limited to, putting certain topics on the government agenda, developing the concrete proposals for law amendments, developing proposals for new laws or strategic documents in line with the recommendations given in the regional policy briefs, monitoring of the implementation of the adopted policy documents, development of law proposals….

  1. Methodology

LENS is obliged to provide the selected individual/company:

  • the national reports regarding youth unemployment, active labor market measures, enabling the environment for youth entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial learning;
  • 4 policy briefs related to the topics mentioned;
  • form for Advocacy Planning Framework as provided by Lead partner (BOS) and instructions provided by BOS;
  • LENS strategic goals, action plans or previous reports, that state LENS advocacy agenda in the field of youth employment and entrepreneurship.

The selected company will be performing the following indicative task:

  • Analyze the materials provided by Lens
  • Collaborate with Lens and its lead partner to adjust the Advocacy Planning Framework for National Advocacy Campaign in Kosovo in the frame or WeB4YES project after receiving comments on the first version
  • Develop a detailed advocacy plan regarding youth employment and entrepreneurship based on the clearly stated policy recommendations given in the four regional policy briefs ( and in line with the national context.
  1. Expected outputs
  • A clear goal of an advocacy campaign to be implemented in Kosovo in the frame of the Web4YES project; the goal has to be relevant for the project, achievable within the project timeframe and advocacy campaign budget, measurable – it is clear to determine whether the campaign was successful or not after it ends.
  • Advocacy Planning Framework for National Advocacy Campaign in Kosovo in the frame or WeB4YES project
  • Detailed mapping of key actors related to youth employment and entrepreneurship.
  1. Capacities Required

The following are the key minimum capabilities required for the proper execution of the above scope of work:

  • Necessary education/training in the field of policy advocacy and the methodology of (APF)
  • At least 2 successful advocacy campaigns implemented in the Western Balkan, preferably in Kosovo that could be demonstrated
  • Has the necessary qualified human and technical resources capable of completing the assignment within the given time limit with high professionalism.
  • Proven knowledge of the relevant national stakeholders in the field of employment policies, active labor market measures, youth entrepreneurship, and advocacy
  • Creativity in carrying out and developing the required activities
  1. Timing and Location

The service agreement will start from the 02nd of December, 2019 to the 16th of December, 2019.

The selected individual/company will present the first draft up to December 10th.

  1. Eligibility
  • Experience in regard to youth employment and entrepreneurship
  • Experience working with non-governmental organizations and international agencies
  • Able to work under time pressure
  • Able to further support Lens in implementation of the Advocacy Campaign throughout 2020 if the Advocacy Plan gets approval from the Lead partner
  1. Payment

Payments will be made in two installments:

  • 30% when signing the contract
  • 70% after delivery of Advocacy action plan and its approval by Lens and by Lead partner (BOS)
  1. Applications

Interested applicants must submit their portfolio and experts CV no later than the 28th of November, 2019 via email at