Do not be fooled this April 1st, check out the antivirus and secure the data on your computer!

This article is not an April Fools prank, but the feeling we have when we are target of pranks and tricks of this day reminds us a bit of what we experience when we lose our important documents because of our carelessness.

Therefore, in a day like this when we are all inclined to be fooled by the jokes of our friends, Lens wants to use the occasion to remind you to pay attention to the security of your data. Your data getting lost, apart from the bitter taste can also cause great trouble in your work.

Copy important documents to an external disk

Our first advice this April is to make sure that all your work and life documents have been saved, except from the device you are working on, also on an external backup disk. It may seem unnecessary to invest in another disk when the one you’re working on is good, but you’re naive if you trust the technology so much. There are countless ways, causes and reasons for electronic devices getting broken. Of course there are times when your data can be restored through various software but important documents and data should not be handed over to them because if the equipment is less reliable, these software are just a treatment effort born out of people’s despair when they lose important data. Just imagine a situation when you need to start your work all over again because your device has failed. Data saving is not magic, nor are computer technicians magicians who can turn them back. You should note that you may lose data with the same ease you delete unnecessary documents from the device memory, so instead of letting the device decide about the lifespan of your data, do it yourself by copying and saving it to an external disk.

Update your antivirus

We can say that technology device viruses in the ICT world that they are taken more seriously than seasonal viruses, and rightly so. Viruses are part of software programs written in order to compromise your data in some form. All devices that are connected to the network or have contacts with other devices (usb, disks, etc.) should be protected with antivirus and updated firewalls. There are a number of antivirus products designed to protect you from these attacks, choose the one that suits you best and adjust the settings to ensure optimum protection for you. Pay less attention to antivirus update warnings, because the latter are often a step ahead in identifying bug holes and are defective in identifying attacks.

Lens has recently started using a new antivirus called Bitdefender. I appearance it is convenient and the license does not cost a lot for a year. The first two reasons why we have chosen this antivirus are because, firstly, it does not aggravate neither the RAM nor the processor, and based on the experience of other users, is well updated and provides greater protection than other antiviruses. We’ll tell you later about our experience with using it, while you still have to check your antivirus and if you do not have one-install it as soon as possible. Most antivirus products offer basic protection for a device, while some have a testing period that you can use to test what suits you the most.

Prevent a hopeless and desperate situation where you will have to try to compensate the loss of your data. This April, do not be fooled, at least not by the equipment!