Roaming tariffs

Since last year Lens monitored the quality of information about roaming service offered by mobile operators in Kosovo.

In the framework of this project is to explore the difficulty of getting information about the prices of roaming services, is analyzing the legal framework governing the telecommunications market segment and will be developed guidelines for operators providing information appropriately for consumers.

The research was done by comparing the situation in the country with practices in the European Union market, where 2014 is foreseen to start billing practices abandoned when receiving calls in the network as a “guest”, whereas in 2016 are expected to disappear at roaming fees. With the new legislation, mobile operators in the EU will have to enable consumers a single price regardless of whether they are on their network or not, or to allow them to switch operators without having to change their SIM card.

This can be practiced even in the case of Kosovo when they travel throughout the region. Lens is trying to stir up debate about this issue, starting to turn the focus of the services provided.