Secrecy of voting and voter data processing conference held today in Pristina

A conference which addressed the secrecy of the voting and voters personal data processing took place today in Pristina. The conference was organized by two local NGOs, LENS and KCIC, with the financial support of the European Union and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES). Regardless of the concerns raised during and after the previous elections, the topic of voter privacy has never been discussed before. Our paper on this topic was presented in front of more than 50 participants, among them representatives of the EU, members of the Kosovo Assembly, professors of the University of Pristina, officials from the State Agency for Protection of Personal Data, the Central Election Commission, IFES as well as other local and international organizations.


The topic raised great interest and the discussion revealed the challenges of privacy of the vote, with an emphasis on electronic data processing as well as electronic voting prospects.


For host organizations it was a great honor to cooperate with a wonderful panel and to discover a great willingness to continue working on this issue.