Workshop about the use of social networks for youth employment

Between 9 and 12 October, Lens delivered a workshop about the influence of social networks on youth employability.

This workshop was part of a series of activities implemented by Friedrich Ebert Foundation, which brought together twenty young activists from across the region, to discuss youth empowerment and participation and promote regional cooperation for sustainable development.

The main goal of this workshop was to inform youth about social recruiting and utilizing social networks for employment. The workshop also aimed to raise awareness and encourage social activism among youth.
The workshop provided young activists from the Western Balkan and Turkey, knowledge and information about the potential of Social Networks and the impact of an individual’s digital footprint in in their employability.
It presented participants with examples of good practices and cases where social networks have helped recruitment and bridged the existing communication gap between the employers and young candidates.

Lens implemented the activity as part of our commitment to empower individuals and communities to exercise their rights through the use of the new technologies.